Shelia La Von is a licensed professional hygienist and a smile guru. A graduate of the UCSF School of Dentistry, she has 27 years of clinical experience and thousands of devoted clients.

With a passion for life, health, and humanity, Shelia’s mission is to inform and educate on oral hygiene, to motivate and encourage positive behavior and self-care, and to offer a pleasant and nurturing environment in which to learn about the value of a smile.

A native of San Francisco, Shelia now makes her home in Ventura County and serves her many clients in Camarillo, California; she has also worked with clients in Santa Barbara and the greater Los Angeles area.

The Goofy Toofy K thru 6 Dental Health Education Instruction Booklet with DVD Animation was designed to extend Shelia’s outreach and to bring her delightful spirit to anyone seeking information and guidance on dental health care, with a special focus on children and teens.


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