“In the 25 years I have been in dentistry, proper oral hygiene that is thorough and user friendly has been a real challenge. This DVD is brief and to the point while being witty at the same time. This easily attracts the viewers’ attention and keeps it without being boring. It reaches all ages and is well animated as well as narrated in such a way that all forms of learning and remembering are covered. I believe this DVD would be successful in any market. I give the Goofy Toofy DVD the highest of personal endorsements.
--Dr. Gary O.

“I have shown [Goofy Toofy] to so many of my friends and all my grandkids (5). The kids were transfixed and couldn’t take their eyes off the screen. My daughter-in-law was spellbound. Everyone learned how to brush their teeth properly.

“My family of five watched Goofy Toofy over and over, to recall the instructions and know we have got it”.
--Noah S.

“My 2 year old boy, found the Goofy Toofy DVD in my purse and wanted to watch the film, he watched the DVD over and over, which allowed me to fix dinner. The next day, I asked if he would like to watch “Nemo,” and he replied, “No Toofy, Toofy”. Now when it’s time to brush his teeth, his mouth open wide and no more fussing. Thank you for helping my family, Goofy Toofy.”
--Jennifer M.

“I thought I was brushing and flossing my teeth properly before watching the Goofy Toofy and now I realize the film has given me a skillful education. Thank you!”
--Rachel M.

“Thank you for teaching me how to care for my teeth and gums, so my teeth won’t fall out! I never want those bugs in my mouth.”
--Daenah R.

“Dear Goofy Toofy, I learned on the movie how to brush my gums, how many teeth you need to brush and when to throw away your toothbrush. My mom doesn’t have to tell me to brush my teeth anymore.”
--Love, Kaya S.


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